Garage Door Opener Repair Service in Las Vegas

It can be frustrating when suddenly your garage door opener gives up the ghost and locks you out of your own garage. Often, you are not able to tell where the problem originates, and this makes it virtually impossible to come up with a DIY strategy. Luckily, if you are in Las Vegas, you can contact us for professional help on fixing your garage door opener and giving you peace of mind. Our technicians will inspect your entire garage door for free and give you a summary of everything that is wrong with it. They will then devise a solution and implement it potentially on the same day.

Garage door openers are arguably the most technical and sophisticated garage door components, and their problems manifest in a spectrum of ways. Getting to the bottom of it can take you days if you have no technical know-how of how the systems work. If you experience any of the following problems, consider seeking professional help:

  • The garage door does not close all the way: In this situation, closing or opening the garage door is not the issue. Problems begin when you press the “close” button and the door closes only up to a certain point. The underlying cause could be anything. It could be the presence of a barrier between safety sensors or rollers not working correctly. Sometimes it is the close switch limit failing to communicate with the door on where to stop. A professional will try to eliminate as many potential causes as possible in a bid to establish the underlying issue.
  • The door isn’t opening all the way: When the problem is in the closing part, most technicians use the same elimination technique to identify the problem.
  • Remote failure: This is another common problem associated with garage door openers. Diagnosing it may seem easy, but there are many components involved for the opener remote system to function correctly. The technician’s work is to identify the part that is not working and repair or replace it.
  • The door bounces back up shortly after or before hitting the floor: If your fold-up garage door seems to reverse back up even before hitting the floor, then the problem could be in the close-force setting. If the setting is not correct, just a little friction from the tracks can cause the motor to think that the door has reached the floor. If the door closes entirely before reversing back up, then the suspect could be the close limit switch.
  • The door fails to open during winter
  • You can’t open or close the door from the wall switch
  • The keypad doesn’t function
  • The garage door sticks while opening or closing

Whatever the issue is, call a professional to provide a solution for you. The fact that they will probably examine the whole garage door will help detect other potential problems waiting to blow up. Our technicians are trained and licensed extensively for garage door repair services, and have passed background checks, so you don’t have to worry about forking out hundreds to be served by a clueless guy. Call us today for a free quotation and to learn more about our services.

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