Garage doors are expensive both to obtain and to maintain. Considering the extreme weight the springs have to weather and the sheer number of times they have to be used in a day, garage door breakdowns are not uncommon.

Most of the complaints we receive from our clients are about broken springs or other part-specific issues that are easy to overlook during installation. Being able to detect and project these seemingly negligible failures is what puts us head and shoulders above other repair service providers in Las Vegas.

Our professionals understand that torsion springs should last at least ten years or 10,000 cycles. Proper installation guarantees you value for your money, protects you from business disruptions, and lowers the risk of accidents and injuries at the garage. Don’t hesitate to call us whenever one of the springs stops working, or you suspect an imminent failure in the system. One of our professionals will come over to your place, inspect the door, and recommend a fix to whatever is broken.

What Are the Signs I Need to Repair My Garage Door?

If your garage door is not opening or closing correctly there could be a number of reasons that include, broken springs, misalignment of the tracks, malfunctioning sensors, or the photo-eye is out of alignment. These of course are just a few examples of what may need to be repaired. There are some telltale signs of a malfunctioning garage door which you can diagnose and then you should reach out to a professional in order for them to repair it.

One sign that you should repair your garage door is if it is unbalanced. An unbalanced door can cause one or more of the springs to break and the door will fail. It is possible your garage door only needs new torsion springs and replacing them should be pretty inexpensive. However, because these are heavy-duty springs, there may be additional costs involved with the repairs if other parts have been bent or have broken.

If your garage door is slow it could be lacking the proper lubrication or be succumbing to old age. After adding lubrication to your garage door hinge’s and it is still slow, the door itself is not responding correctly which can be dangerous.

Any jerking or an extreme amount of shaking suggests that the rollers are going off track or there are loose screws or hinges. Any excessive movement could turn into something worse and it is recommended to contact a professional as soon as possible.

Does Garage Repair or Replacement Have a Good Return on Investment (ROI)?

Yes, many homeowners see upwards return on new garage door replacement investment. Why? Because doing so increases the value of your home. Homes with updated garage door replacements are much more appealing to prospective buyers than ones with older-looking doors. If you’re thinking about selling anytime soon, it might be wise to consider investing in garage door replacement so that you can get the most out of your sale.

Always Work with a Professional

Regardless of your handyman skills, it is never advisable to go about fixing a garage door on your own. Using a broken garage door, let alone trying to repair it, is extremely dangerous. Professionals from Open Sesame have both the expertise and equipment required to understand the issue at hand and get around it safely. Even if an accident did occur, all our technicians have insurance cover against any injuries sustained or caused during work.

While it is extremely inadvisable to work with a broken garage door, business operations should never come to a halt just because of a pair of conked out springs. Always call a garage door repair professional to help you fix the issue. In the meantime, these tips can help ensure your garage continues to serve its purpose:

  • Don’t open or close the door forcefully. If you are struggling to open or close the door, then it is advisable to avoid using it altogether. Garage doors can weigh up to 500lbs, and a small slipup can result in costly damage and injuries.
  • Leave opener engaged. If the door stops working while open or when you open the broken door, consider leaving the opener engaged as it may be the only support holding the door up and preventing it from plummeting.
  • Call Open Sesame Garage Doors. Explaining the issue to our professionals will not only prepare us for the task but also give us an idea of what you are going through so we can figure out safety tips to recommend to you before we arrive.

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