Bent Garage Door Panels

If you use your garage every day or a few times a week, then once in a while, you will be faced with issues related to bent, misaligned, or damaged garage door panels. Using your garage door in such situations may prove impossible, and getting the problem fixed may require special equipment and expertise.

Homeowners are advised against DIY repairs to avoid causing even more damage to their garage doors. Always let a professional do the work. It may be costlier, but it guarantees you are covered in case something goes wrong and additional repairs are required.

All our experts are trained and insured and have undergone background checks. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us regardless of the nature of the bend. There is always a way around whatever garage door issue you have. It may require mechanically straightening the panels or replacing the panels altogether. For extensive bends, the entire garage door may need to be repaired or, in extreme cases, replaced. If the door won’t open because of the bend, take an Uber to work and then call us. We offer emergency garage door repair services in Las Vegas, and are available 24/7 for quick repairs.

We understand that emergencies can result from a myriad of factors and at any time, without warning. Issues may arise from insufficient lubrication of rollers, broken drum connections, decayed jamb, broken cable, fatigue on the panels, etc. Continuing to use damaged tracks is likely to lead to more damage to the door, potentially increasing the repair costs and injury risks.

Repairing and replacing damaged panels can be anything between easy and extremely complicated. Our technicians will perform a casual diagnosis to establish the cause and extent of the bend or damage before getting on with the repair. You will be provided with a range of solutions to choose from together with the pros and cons of each. You will also be given a cost estimate for both acquiring the required materials, if necessary, and labor. Usually, we come with our materials, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of obtaining and transporting them yourself.

Note that we provide warranties for our products and services. This means that if the same problem reoccurs within a given time-frame, our technicians will come over and fix it for free.

Contact us today for more details on pricing, discounts, and warranties.

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